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Administrative Team

The administrative team at Boston IVF is the backbone of our fertility center and a central resource for your care.

Each member’s mission is to ensure you receive consistent and accurate information at all times.

They'll act as a liaison to your clinical team and help you to manage all aspects of care. They'll schedule all your tests, obtain your referrals, medical records, and much more.

Most importantly, they will support you and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with each office visit, phone call, email or question you may have.

Jean Ahearn Admin Assistant The Worcester Fertility Center (508) 751-8050
Janet Arcovitch Admin Assistant Carol Lesser & Ariel Mullen (617) 793-1100
Eileen Baker Admin Assistant Rita Sneeringer, MD (781) 434-6500
Ada Castro Front Desk/Reception Waltham (781) 434-6500
Kathleen Conway Admin Assistant Kim Thornton, MD (781) 434-6500
Nancy Duplisea Admin Assistant/Site Supervisor Ben Lannon, MD (Maine) (207) 358-7600
Debi Estabrook Front Desk/Reception Waltham (781) 434-6500
Amanda Layne Admin Assistant David Ryley, MD (617) 735-9000
Joana Moquette, MA Admin Assistant Providence Fertility Center (401) 369-7822
Lynda Niedringhaus Surgical Scheduling Surgery Center of Waltham (781) 434-6417
Danielle MacKenzie Admin Assistant/Site Supervisor Steven Bayer, MD (617) 735-9000
Ana Rosado Admin Assistant Alan Penzias, MD (781) 434-6500
Beverly Vaughn Admin Assistant/Site Supervisor Michael Alper, MD (781) 434-6500
Lindsey Whalen Admin Assistant Brian Berger, MD (617) 793-1100


We look forward to speaking with you, and will be in touch as soon as possible!

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